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Because "Why, Jennifer," INDEED...

all go to helicopter sky
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Hello! This is the fic journal of corimari. WHY JENNIFER? Well, I guess because I am weak...

Feel free to friend this journal if you are only here for the free food fic! My everyday crazy is at corimari ;D

*points up* Banner made for ME ONLY by mysteryflavor. Please do not take.

abc: the flippy boyband, akamepi, akanishi jin, alcohol--my favorite plot device, all your chair, are belong to kame, bakanishi, boyband smut ftw, car shrimp, cooler than you arashi, costumes with feathers, crackfic, double asshat, fandom, fanfic, flay flay!, having a tourbus kink, having two otps, i love koyama, jin in pikachu costumes, jin's girly scream, jinglish, johnny's entertainment, jun wearing hair extensions, kat-tun, kato shigeaki, kawai/goseki/tsukada/totsuka, kitty gym pwnz you, koki's rainboot hooker dance, koyama keiichiro, koyato for the win, matsujun, newly slutified tego, news news news news, news vs. k8 rumble!!!, nobuta wo produce, omg thirteen korean boys, ryo's requisite snarky cameos, shamelessly stalking kinokuniya, shige and the caterpillars, shige's cat, shuuji to akira, spider monkeys, super junior, tego's crush on koyama, tegoshi-san kakkoii-ssu, the jinandyamapi comedy classic, thirteen member korean boybands, totally recognizing toma ikuta, ueda for the win, wagahai's scissor emoji, wanting to write arashi!fic, whitebean pastries, yamapi, yamapi as marketing genius, yamapi's hair, yamashita tomohisa